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For Kids Cooking Challenge

Ready to supercharge your child’s immune system so they can thrive?

Learn how quick and easy it is to cook nutrient dense food that heals the gut and supercharges the immune system. Nutritious foods you can easily sneak into family meals and made into delicious treats so they always get eaten up!


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What Is It?

A live mini cooking series that teaches you how to create gut healing foods in minutes that your kids will love to eat (and you’ll find a breeze to make).  No fancy or expensive ingredients, I promise!


Who is it for?

Parents who are open to the idea that food is medicine and want to learn easy, yet effective strategies to boost strong immune systems and boost overall health.


How Long Does It Take?

Just 20 minutes a day for five days and it will transform the way you cook and how you think about food.


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“You won’t believe what a change I’ve seen in the last few days with my kids!!! 1) My daughter’s anxiety has almost completely disappeared! You have literally saved our sanity, 2) Our littlest son’s constant runny nose and wet cough has pretty much gone! And 3) I have soooo much more energy.  I have enough energy to cook and I’m more patient with my beautiful family. Thank you! Xx”

Leyla Biondini


What's Included?


Easy gut healing live cooking videos

Enjoy interactive 20 minute cooking tutorials inside our private Facebook group. Watch live and cook real time or save the cooking 'til later.  Replays will be available.

Over 20 immune boosting recipes

Access recipes in advance for the cooking challenge PLUS enjoy complimentary allergy-friendly recipes to incorporate these amazing foods into your family meals

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Gut Health Masterclass!

With your new found passion and know-how for gut healing cooking, your training ends with a simple to implement and effective plan to transforming your child’s gut health.  When we do that expect to see exciting improvements in:
  • immunity (with less colds, flus and reoccurring infections)
  • food intolerances, allergies and eczema
  • tummy issues and constipation
  • sleep, behavior and even fussy eating

What's Cooking?

In this challenge you’ll learn how to cook


Chicken Bone Broth

Broth is packed full of minerals that boost the immune system, repair the gut lining and builds strong bones. It has been widely used across the globe for thousands of years to heal the sick

Nutrient Dense One-Pot Meals

Discover the art of nutrient dense cooking and one-pot meals.  A total game changer in family dinners, health, flavour and washing up! You get lots of supporting recipes here too!
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ghfk 3

Dairy Free Probiotic Packed Yoghurts & Ice Blocks

This is the tastiest way to obtain a daily dose of beneficial probiotics (good bacteria) for a thriving gut microbiome (the epicentre of good health). Discover the two ingredients you need and how to create tons of delicious flavours!

Gut Healing Jellies

Lose the artificial colours, preservatives and refined sugars and replace them with gut healing goodies instead.  Discover endless flavours and colour creations in minutes!

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Allergy Information

All recipes shared in the challenge are dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, egg, sesame, peanut and tree nut free

What do Mums Think Of The Challenge?


Meet your host: 

Sharon Selby

Nutritional Health Coach, Sharon Selby’s proves that life after ‘dairy and gluten’ is not only possible, but simple and delicious.  Specializing in allergy-friendly living, Sharon runs classes and online courses teaching families how to cook nutritious, tasty meals while being on a restricted diet. Her passion came from healing her son’s multiple food allergies, eczema and reflux by the time he was 18 months old. Sharon loves sharing that good health begins in the kitchen and with a nutritious diet families will thrive.

“Sharon just inspires action and has made a huge impact on my journey as a mum and to our family. Listening to her talk and follow her strategies and recipes has improved the health and wellbeing of my whole family.”

Nicole Lehmann


By the end of this training

You will fall in love with cooking.
Yes you read that right!

Once you understand the power of food over your child’s health and wellbeing, even their moods and their sleep.  You realise cooking becomes your ally, not something you dread to do everyday.

You will be motivated, inspired and eager to get in the kitchen!

You’ll also stop worrying if your kids are getting enough nutrients, as you’ll learn the best and easiest ways to MASSIVELY boost their nutrient intake daily, with almost zero extra effort.

This is the most POWERFUL free training you’ll find anywhere.  Many past members claim ‘It’s absolutely LIFE-CHANGING!’


"I decided to join your Gut Health Food Challenge and was blown away by the immune boosting, gut healing recipes you shared… and also the time and knowledge you so generously gave us. I began making bone broth and probiotic yoghurt and feeling so proud of watching my daughter eat these things."



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